510 Hours Basic Barbering Program (Barber License)

510 hours barber course prepares you for the New York State Barber Operators examination as well as for the Barber Apprentice examination (State Board). Those who pass examination will receive Master Barber License, which permits to legally work as a barber or to operate your own salon on New York State.

In 15 weeks course you will learn how to use the tools of the trade (hair clippers, scissors, straight razor, your work environment and more) to execute a broad variety of men hair styles/cuts which include (but are not limited to): skin fade, tapers, classic bob, baldys scissors, shape-ups, beard trims, mustaches styles. You will also learn clipper over comb, the 14 strokes of the straight razor, hot towel shaving, facial massage, shampooing, ethics, shop management, and sanitation and sterilization of the work environment..

50 Hours Barber Refresher Course

A barber refresher program of 50 hours training enables an experienced candidate to meet the minimum requirement to take the Barber Operator State exam. Upon passage of the state exam, the school shall assist graduates with job placement.

To enroll, the student must be currently licensed as a barber, barber apprentice, natural hair stylist, or cosmetologist, or the student may meet this requirement for admission by obtaining a valid barber apprentice license from the Department of State.

3 hours Infection Control Course

This 3 hour program covers the “transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization to be employed in barber shops. All applicants for barbering license must complete such a course and proof of such completion must be submitted with the application for license.
This course is offered by correspondence instruction, and is a self study program. A students are given as much time as necessary to complete the instructional portion, but the time frame within the instructional portion of the program is designed to be completed is three hours. A licensed instructor will be available during school hours to address any questions or concerns for any student taking the course by correspondence. In addition, instructors may be contacted through our website and through general email.

Job Placement

Tribeca Barber School is committed to deliver best service to our students. After completing master barber license program (15 week barber license course) you get you NYS license, plus we are offering a job placement services. Each student signs a form if they need to get employed or if they are already have job and employment is not needed. Based on our current records we have around 85% successful job placements. This means that almost every student will be able to find a job after they complete our barber classes. In addition to finding job it is very common for licensed barber to open their own business.

About Us

The School of Barbering and Cosmetology of Tribeca offers courses that prepare the student for the New York State Master Barber Operator exams. In these courses the student will learn everything necessary to earn (Master and Apprentice) licenses as well as everything they will need to become successful in the field of Barbering in small focused group classes to better reach the specific educational needs of each student.
Job placement is available!
Also our school employees industry professionals and has been part of this lucrative industry for over 16 years. Give us a call today for more information, to schedule a tour of the school, or to make an appointment for enrollment. Our phone number is (212) 227-6351.


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