3 Hour Infection Control


In order to obtain NY master barber license, all individuals must complete Infection control course also known as HIV and Transmission of Contentious diseases prevention training. Proof of completion will be submitted with application for a barbering license
This 3 hour program covers the “transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sanitation and sterilization to be employed in barber shops.

In essences HIV course helps to ensure that barbers and their apprentices know about danger of contagious diseases and know how to prevent them from one client to another. Which means you will learn how to disinfect tools and exercise reasonable care while working to ensure your and your clients safety. This is very important course and is required in to be completed in order to obtain master barber license or apprentice license.

This course is offered by correspondence instruction, and is a self study program. A student is afforded as much time as necessary to complete the instructional portion, but the time frame within in which the instructional portion of the program is designed to be completed is three hours. A licensed instructor will be available during school hours to address any questions or concerns for any student taking the course by correspondence. In addition, instructors may be contacted through our website and through general email.

The total tuition of the program is $100.00. Upon enrollment, the entire tuition must be paid in full. There are no tools or uniforms required for the completion of this program.

The course may be taken at any time.

This is a self study program.

HIV Class Agenda

Information about the Course Page 3
Basic and Important Facts for Barber Professionals Page 4
Objectives of the Program Page 5
The Difference Between HIV & AIDS Page 5
What is HIV Page 6
What is AIDS Page 8
Basic Statistics Regarding AIDS Page 9
Viability of the Virus Page 10
Transmission of HIV Page 11
Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C Page 12
General Symptoms of HIV Infection Page 13
General Symptoms Various Additional Conditions Page 14
Diarrhea and its Related Problems Page 14
Skin Problems  (Sores & Lesions) Page 15
Mouth Lesions Page 16
Prevention: Personal Relationship Page 17
Prevention: Monogamy Page 17
Prevention: Professional Prevention Page 17
Prevention: Risky Activities Page 18
The Rights of People with AIDS Page 18
The Barber’s Credo Page 19
Universal Precautions for Barber Shop & Salon Professionals Page 20
Hygiene, Sanitation, and Safety Page 21
The Importance of Sanitation and Sterilization Page 22
Methods of Sterilization / Introduction to Chemical Disinfectants Page 23
Qualities of a Good Disinfectant / Antiseptics / Definitions Page 24
The Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Sanitation & Disinfection Page 25
Bibliography and Acknowledgements Page 27