TRI ABI accepts persons beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in New York (17) who have the ability to benefit from training provided by the school.  Persons 16 years of age may enroll provided they have written parental consent.  Applicant must have a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (a GED Certificate) or otherwise demonstrate the ability to benefit from the training.


Applicants may demonstrate “ability to benefit from training” by passing a Scholastic Level Exam that has been approved by the NY State Dept.of Education and the United States Dept. of  Education.

TRI ABI can arrange for this examination in several languages, to meet the needs, and assure the comfort, of those students who do not consider English to be their primary language.  (See addendum for test administration details)


Prospective students who are undocumented can register for program work for their personal enrichment.  They will receive a certificate of completion. However, there will be no job placement or license assistance for student that fall into that category.