Barbering 510 Hours Course

Barbering 510 Hours Course

Tribeca Barber School will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to pass practical barber examination required for barber license in NYC. Our barber classes are designed to ensure best efficiency! We have small classes and that ensures that master teacher and enough time to dedicate maximum attention to YOU!

If you want to success in your barbering career as master barber or you are planning to open your own salon, Tribeca Barber School will help you with that! Call us today at (212) 227-6351 to get more information about our 510 Hour barber class.

Our barber class schedule is very convenient; you can take barber class in early morning or in the afternoon based on your preferences. Course if fairly short, unlike other schools in other states we will get you licensed quickly. Tribeca Barber School is NY Licensed school.


Plan A: 7:45AM – 3:05PM; Mon. – Fri.
Plan B: 3:05PM – 8:20PM; Mon- Fri.
Plus Sat. 9:00AM – 5:45PM

Admission Requirements

  • Social Security Card
  • High School Diploma or GED
    If you don’t have either one a “Scholastic Level Exam” (SLE) will be provided prior to registration – Any foreign versions of these documents must be translated and notarized before being submitted.
  • Proof of Address
  • Photo Identification


Tuition: $3,250.00
Tools: $250.00
Books: $100.00
Reg. fee: $100.00



Tribeca Barber School Public Reviews

Our school has perfect reviews on Google and Yelp. See what other people have to say about their experience in our barber classes. So many satisfied students guarantee that you will be satisfied too! Our work ethics, friendly stuff, small classes and plenty of hands on experience is what makes us better than any other school in NYC. You can read all reviews on our Google Plus profile.

Great Experience

I had a great experience while being at Tribeca Barber School. They teach you the skill you need to become a successful in the barber industry. My time feels so short lived because of the bonds I've created during my learning period. In leaving Tribeca Barber School you feel comfortable knowing that you have the training and what it takes to pursue a career as a barber. On top of that they have a job placement program to help you find work after school. I recommend anyone who is interested to join Tribeca Barber School it is in my opinion worth the time and money.”
- Kerv Dor

Fantastic school

My name is nicholas guyon, 19yrs old and applied for the barbering program a year after I finished high school. The program was great, great teachers and managers, and great classmates with a fun and safe working environment to be around. Also I appreciated the selection of hair that came into the barber shop daily. You not only get to work with one kind of hair texture but all kinds of hair, and I feel more than ready to take on the working field after I graduated from the school. It was a top experience being here and also surrounded by the city, I have a lot of fond personal memories myself being here. I recommend this school to any new young barber looking to make a career for themselves. Fantastic school!”
- Nicholas G

Real Hands-on Experience

If you want real hands-on experience cutting hair this is the place to go. I signed up here only having seen the website and spoken to someone on the phone. My friend that owns a salon encouraged me to get my license so I could work for her, so I looked online to find out what my options for this in Manhattan were. After looking through the various websites and making a few phone calls I decided on Tribeca Barber School and I don't regret it for a moment. It is a very basic school with not a lot of frills but they will have you cutting the hair of actual clients very soon after your initial classroom time. My last day at Tribeca Barber School is today and it is somewhat bitter-sweet. I am eager to get to work in the "real world" but I will miss the environment at Tribeca Barber School very much. I fully intend to remain connected to the people here that made my barbering education such a pleasure. If you're considering signing up I suggest you give these guys a try. You'll get great experience and in only 10 weeks you'll leave with an indispensable skill you can keep with you for a lifetime.”
- Gabriel Beaton

Tribeca Barber School Changed My Life

Hey my name is Jay and I been coming here for 2.5 months I finishing actually tomorrow. Coming here, changed my life around because it showed me how to become better person and know how to make real money and become your own boss. i really learned a lot what I needed to know to become a successful barber. Tribeca Barber School school is the right and best school to learn.”
- Jonthan Chatman

Profestional and Friendly

i loved the whole entire experience from start to finish instructor are very profestional and friendly i'm just sad that its only 10 weeks cause its hard to leave very family orientated”
- Sean David

Best Experts

this school will teach you everything you need to learn from tapers, to skin fades, to shear over comb. If you are just starting out this school will teach you from the basic in which they will train you in how to hold the clipper, razor and shear in the form to use them and will teach you in the best expert way they can help you. If you are looking to begin barber school this is the one to come to. plus they will help you look for jobs after you finish.”
- Walter Campos