The student should be aware that some information in the catalog may change.  It is recommended that students considering enrollment check with the school Director to determine if there is any change from the information provided in the catalog.


A catalog contains information about the school teaching personnel and the programs / curriculum offered.  Please be advised that the State Education Department separately licenses all teaching personnel and independently approves all programs and curricula offered.  Therefore, it is possible that programs and or curricula that are listed in the school’s catalog may not be approved at the time a student enrolls in the school, or that the teaching personnel listed in the catalog may have changed since publication.


As with tuition costs, it is suggested that you check with the school Director to determine if there are any changes in the programs / curricula offered, or the teaching personnel listed.


The same caution applies to tuition and fees.  In particular, check to see all “Addendums”.


Your Enrollment Agreement is a legal Contract and it is binding on both the school and the student.