Students are forced to discontinue for a many reasons.  Students who must discontinue are advised to formally notify the school in writing.  Failure to notify the school in writing of a planned withdrawal may delay a refund due, if any (As per sec. 5002 of Education Law).


Students may also be dismissed because of poor attendance, failure to meet the academic standards of the school or for a breach of school rules and regulations.  Tuition charges for a discontinued student will be computed on the basis of the school’s refund policy as listed in this catalog and in their Schedule of Fees.  Any student who is  for more than 15% of the total length of the program of instruction, and who has not maintained satisfactory grades or academic progress will be dismissed.


Full-time students not maintaining an average of 30 hours a week during a calendar month will be notified at the end of the calendar month by the Administrator.  Student will have an option of attending additional classes prior to conclusion of the prescribed program so instruction may be completed within normal scheduled time limit.  Students who elect to take additional classes may be charged $215.00 per week, or part thereof, of additional (make-up) time.  In student has attended less than 60 hours of instruction in a calendar month student may be dismissed at Director’s discretion, regardless of satisfactory grades.


In exceptional and documented circumstances and in compliance with state and federal regulations and statutes a student may be permitted to modify the program minimum hours consistent with flex-time schedule herein described.