Based on regulations of the State Education Department programs scheduled to be completed from 7 – 14 weeks are considered to be in One Quarter.

A student who cancels within seven (7) calendar days of signing the Enrollment Agreement will be entitled to a full refund of entire amount that student has paid except for the $100.00 Non-refundable Registration Fee.

Thereafter, a student will be liable for:

  1.       The non-refundable $100.00 Registration Fee, plus
  2.       The cost of any tools or supplies accepted from A.B.I., if any, plus
  3.       Tuition Liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance.

Tuition liability is divided by the number of quarters in the program.  Total tuition liability is limited to the quarter during which the student withdrew or was terminated and any previous quarters completed.

     If Termination occurs:
School may keep
     Prior to or during the first week                                     0%
     During the second week                                   25%
     During the third week                                   50%
     During the fourth week                                   75%
     After the fourth week                                 100%

In certain unusual instances a refund may be greater than shown above, such as if the school’s Accrediting Agency or New York State Education Department’s policy calls for a greater refund.  This program is not Title IV eligible.  Upon the student signing an Enrollment Agreement school may retain the $100 Registration Fee.

Amount paid in excess of the charges determined above will be refunded within 30 days.  Any charge paid for goods and services not provided by the school shall be fully refunded.

Refund is based on quarter student is in at time of withdrawal plus any quarter already finished