Every student must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for both attendance and academic progress.  This qualitative progress is measured periodically, usually on a monthly or quasi monthly basis.  Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined as follows AS RELATES TO:


Satisfactory attendance is measured in terms of hours attended as opposed to hours scheduled.  If a student does not maintain a satisfactory number hours of weekly instruction when examined over any calendar month, the student may be no longer considered to be making satisfactory progress.

a) Any student missing more than 4.5 hours in any week that is unexcused of the morning program or the afternoon program will not be meeting satisfactory attendance requirements of the school.  A warning letter, counseling, and a schedule of available make up hours will be provided to any such student not meeting expectations.
A cumulative grade average of (70%) must be maintained in all the following area:

a) Classroom work.

b) Clinic and practical work.

c) Personal and professional readiness.

d) Satisfactory academic progress is measured by maintaining a (70%) cumulative grade average and completing the work assignments of the curriculum within the instruction’s attendance standards as specified above.  Student clinic and practical work is graded for both speed and accuracy on a scale of (0%) to (100%), with the highest score in either area being a (100%).  The minimum grade considered satisfactory in both classroom, and clinic and practical work is (70%).  The letter grade corresponds to a 10 point scale of measurement.  An “A” = 90%, B= 80%, C=70% and so on.
e) Students are issued a progress record at the end of each month.  A duplicate copy is signed by the student and becomes a permanent part of their file.  The progress report includes such things as their total hours of attendance, absences, and practical grades on the work they have performed.

Suspension, Termination, Appeal & Reinstatement

a) The Barbering Program consists of 288 hours.  A “student progress report” is issued at the end of each reporting period.  In this program it is issued at the end of each month.

b) Students are counseled regarding attendance and academic progress.  Any student who is falling behind receives a warning notice.  Students who meet the minimum attendance and academic progress requirements shall be considered to be making satisfactory progress.   Students who fail to establish both satisfactory attendance and satisfactory academic progress are subject to being suspended or terminated.
c) The student may appeal such decisions in writing to the school administrator, who will review their case with the executive staff.  The letter should describe and document any mitigating circumstances the student feels may deserve consideration.  By this appeal process, an individual judgment may be made to reinstate the student.

d) A student dropped for unsatisfactory academic progress may reapply for admission to the school, in writing, after 30 days.  The application for re-admission must include some conditions acceptable to the Director regarding the student’s ability to improve.


a) It is a student’s responsibility to be on time, to complete the training as scheduled and to make up all course hours that may have been missed.  Absences that are still outstanding after the student’s scheduled graduation date must be paid for in advance at the makeup rate specified – $215.00 per week and then made-up by the student’s attendance.  If it is necessary to be out of school for two weeks or longer, a leave of absence must be requested in writing.  A leave of absence will not be granted for less than two weeks.  If a student is absent for two or more weeks without an approved leave, he or she may only be readmitted after an interview with the Director.  A student returning from a leave of absence or an interruption of training will continue with the same satisfactory progress status they he or she had earned before leaving the school.  If a student missed a class, they receive no credit for that class.  Students are allowed up to 7.5 hours of instruction per day.  If a student has been absent we will allow make-up time as space allows.  Please consult with us prior to making-up time.