There is a thirty (30) minutes grace-period that will not penalize the student however,

Morning Program – Attendance is taken at 8:00 AM, Monday thru Friday.

Afternoon Program – Attendance is taken at 3:20 PM, Monday thru Friday.

Saturday – Attendance is taken at 9:15 AM


A student may be admitted up to 60 minutes late for the session, but must sign the late book and may be asked to submit a written explanation for their lateness.  In any event, any student arriving after the 15 minute grace period will be docked one hour for the day.

Students who arrive more than 60 minutes after the official starting time of any session will not be admitted to class and will not be allowed to participate for that day.  Any student who is repeatedly late to school will be required to provide the Director with a written satisfactory explanation for their lateness and will be subjected to suspension or permanent dismissal.