The Tuition Reimbursement Fund is designed to protect the financial interest of students attending proprietary schools.  Proprietary Schools are schools that are privately owned, as opposed to public (i.e.  Government owned) schools.  If a school closes while you are in attendance prior to the completion of your educational program you may be eligible for a refund of all tuition expenses which you have paid.


If you drop out of school prior to completion and you file a claim for a tuition refund with the school and the State Education Department is provided factual support that your complaint is valid, and they can determine that there was a violation of Education Law or the Commissioner’s Regulation as specified in Section 126.7 of the Commissioner’s Regulations, you may be eligible for a refund.


If the school is “out of business” and not able or willing to make the state recommended refund you may in some instances still get your money back….  from the state operated Tuition Reimbursement Fund.

All operating licensed proprietary schools in New York State are periodically assessed a percentage of their gross annual tuition receipts, permitting the State to control a multi-million dollar fund whose income is dedicated (as insurance) to making students whole in such cases.


If the school has closed and you have not completed your “paid for” program(s) the Department may be able to arrange for another licensed school (acceptable to you) to take over the obligation of “teaching you out” so that you get full value with no additional costs to you.


To file a claim to the Tuition Reimbursement Fund you must first file a complaint with the Bureau of Proprietary School of Supervision, N.Y. State Education Department, 116 W. 32nd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001 or phone (212) 643-4760.  The staff of the State Education Dept. will assist you in the preparation of a tuition reimbursement form (a sample of this form should have been provided to you upon enrollment).