Students must wear the official school uniforms at all times during school hours, including lectures and demonstrations.  Students have the option to purchase their own tool kits containing the requirements for satisfactory completion of the program.


Periodic “Kit Inspections” are conducted.  Any lost or broken articles must be promptly replaced as the student is required to have their complete kit with them during school hours or they will be suspended for the session and receive no credit for attendance.  The school discourages the lending of tools and equipment.  Any items left for more than 30 days after a student leaves will be disposed of by the school.


The school is not required to provide lockers for the students, and all tools and personal items of the students must be taken home every day.  The school takes no responsibility for lost or stolen tools, equipment or property belonging to the student.   If at any time lockers are made available to students the same shall be used by the students at their own risk, and the school will assume no responsibility for loss of personal property.  Any locker that is assigned to a student will only be maintained so long as the student maintains satisfactory academic progress, and will only be allocated to the student for the duration of the ten week program.   Any student who goes beyond his or her 10 week program or takes a leave of absence will forfeit his or her locker privileges.


The student can purchase the tools and the textbook from the school or on their own.

All course materials are taken from Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering 5th Edition by Maura Scali-Sheahan.