1.      Failure to maintain a clean uniform and to be groomed
2.      Wearing a hat, sunglasses or open toe shoes in school
3.      Use of portable digital media devices
4.      Failure to maintain work stations
5.      Talking to another student who is cutting hair
6.      Failure to remove clothing and bags from practical area
7.      Phone calls of a non emergency nature
8.      Littering or loitering
9.      Failure to be adequately prepared for school
10.  Taking customers without assignment by an instructor
11.  Failure to clean after consumption of food or drink
12.  Suspension & termination, for reasons of misconduct


Any student with unsatisfactory attitudes, appearance, or conduct, as determined by the school staff, will be warned in writing.  A student may be suspended from training for anywhere from one hour to 30 days, depending upon the regulation broken and how often it has been done.


Continued violations of school regulations will result in permanent dismissal from school.  During suspension, the student will receive no credit for time.  All missed work must be made up at the discretion of the Director or the Administrator.


**Keep in mind.  Cutting the hair of patrons and working with a straight razor (shaves, etc.) are assigned to students with the first consideration being their skill level and their ability to handle the job (primarily taking the public’s need in mind), and then in rotation.


Remember, treat others with the same courtesy and consideration you wish shown to you.